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Memorial Day

As we commemorate Memorial Day 2012, we wish to use this opportunity to recognize the world-wide impact of the Cold War by sharing separate offerings by two CWVA members who live outside the United States.

First, in honor of the land to which he has retired, CWVA member Bruce Dorsey (who served in the United States Air Force and Coast Guard) has donated to the CWVA museum several military decorations that were awarded to New Zealanders at the outbreak of, and during, the Cold War.

New Zealnd Medals

Left (red/white/blue ribbon): 1939-1945 War Medal for minimum 28 days service in the British Empire including New Zealand, regular and merchant navy forces

Center Top (blue ribbon): Queen Elizabeth II's royal visit to NZ in 1953-1954 with Prince Philip

Right (black and white ribbon): 1939-1945 NZ War Service Medal - For one month full time/six-month part-time in the NZ regular, reserve, home guard, and merchant navy forces

Center Bottom (lapel pin): for the Royal NZ Returned and Service Association (NZ primary veterans organization)

New Zealand Medals

Next is a poem submitted by Army retiree and long-time CWVA Platinum Club member Joe McColgan who lives in the United Kingdom.  While it was inspired by the original Armistice Day, he rightly considers it appropriate to be shared this Memorial Day:

By Joe McColgan

The boys who really won the fight
Against the enemy of might
They lived each day and hated night
They were there to die and fight
To live a week was such a feat
With only horses' meat to eat
Our shadows fall on moon light ray
We hope to fight another day
Some days we feel so very sad
We will never see our mum and dad.

The Generals lived in Posh Hotels
There is little else that one can tell
They never seen the mud and mire
And never heard a rifle fire
So when the Victory day was called
The Generals claimed they planned it all.


May this Memorial Day bring a measure of comfort to all who have suffered the pains of war.